Christmas planning: a stress free and organized holiday.

Any holiday obsessed person knows that to rock the Christmas season you have to start planning early.

My first tip towards having a relaxed and organized holiday season would be to have a plan and write it down. I like to record everything in my planner.

I get super motivated if I write out a list for myself and just being able to cross everything off as I complete each task.

A planner gives me a really clear picture of what I need to do. And really helps me stay on task.

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Christmas planning: a stress free and organized holiday.

Christmas planning. Holiday Budget

Have a budget and stick to it.

Money can be one of the biggest stresses when it comes to the holiday season and if you set a budget and you’re really strict with yourself then it doesn’t have to be.

Set your budget and then figure out what you can spend in each category:

  • Gifts (Any gifts you buy during the holiday season.)
  • Christmas work party.
  • Christmas dinner.
  • Food (food and drinks for parties, anything that goes beyond your typical grocery purchases).
  • Miscellaneous (decorations, gift wrap or any other supplies for the holidays).

Christmas planning

Christmas planning. Christmas Gift List

This list really helps because it just keeps a track of presents.

Set a budget for per person per present and stick to it because you don’t want to be running out of money in this very expensive time of year.

Three quick tips as you are planning your Christmas Gift List.

Number one.
Figure out the amount of money you can spend.

Number two.
Who you’re spending it on and how much per person.
Make a list: here is all the people that we’re going to spend money. Check it twice!
You can say: “Okay, this amount of money is what we’re going to spend money on!”
Put dollar amounts – assign it to each person’s name.

Number three.
Stick to the list! A great way to help fund your Christmas budget.

Christmas planning: Christmas gift list

Christmas Dinner Meal Plan

The next thing is about food. We all know that food is a massive part of Christmas.

It’s also really a good idea to make a meal plan: how many people are gonna be feeding.

No Impulse Shopping! Stick to your shopping list and do not make impulse buys.

photo meal plan

30 Best Christmas Quotes of All Time

When holiday season is close, many of these quotes will come in handy when in need for something smart to read, send or share.

Add a Christmas quote to your Christmas wishes to help share the joy of the holiday season.

Make fun family / friend memories with these fun Christmas sayings.

Christmas Planner – Instant Download

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