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Enrich your English language skills. Take these idioms into service.

Phrases and sayings to use in the office with the word "FISH"

What idioms are better suited to your boss and colleagues?


1. "Big fish"

A person who has an important or powerful position in a group or organization. The boss, the leader.
"She's a big fish in city politics."
"He's a big fish in advertising."

2. "Big fish in a small pond"

To have a lot of influence only over a small area. A person who is important in a limited arena.

Another variant is the proverb -" Better a big fish in a little puddle than a little fish in a big puddle."

3. "Bigger fish to fry"

To have something more important to do. More important matters to attend to.

"They asked me to help with the decorations, but I have other fish to fry."
"He declined to come along to the movie, saying he had other fish to fry."

4. "Fish out of water"

Someone who is uncomfortable in a specific situation.

"I felt like a fish out of water at my new office."

5. "Fish for compliments"

To ​try to get ​people to say good things about you.

"I’m not ​trying to fish for ​compliments, but do you like my new ​haircut?"
"Ann, you know you don't look fat in that dress. Are you fishing for compliments?"

Fish idioms and phrases. As fish and other animals describe our life in idiomag.

6. "A queer fish"

A strange person.

"I knew his father and he was a queer fish too."

7. "Be neither fish nor fowl"

If something is neither fish nor fowl, it is difficult to describe or understand because it is like one thing in some ways but like another thing in other ways.

"The hovercraft has always suffered from the fact that it is neither fish nor fowl."

8. "Fish in troubled waters"

To ​try to ​win an ​advantage from a ​difficult ​situation or from someone else's ​problems.

"Frank is fishing in troubled waters by buying more shares of that company. They are supposed to be in financial difficulties."
"The company could make more money by selling armaments abroad, but they would be fishing in troubled waters."
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