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Yanglish.com makes improving your English fun and effective by turning popular videos into powerful language learning experiences.


The more you watch, learn and speak, the faster your English will improve.

Pretty Woman   Meet the Fockers Pretty Woman 2 Learn English French Kiss
Study words: employee, hassle, flashy, treat. Study words: boob, cheat, nauseous, sniff. English words: assume, encourage, appropriately, favor. English words: stuff, fateful, burst, precious, rush.


French Kiss Meet the Fockers 2   Leon Leon
Study words: steal, compartment, armour, bullshit. Study words : flushed, coronary, uptight, tingle Study words: exception, drop, beat Study words: let sb down, chance, happen
Are you from the Matrix? What Women Want Matrix (You know why we are here?) American History X (Just come with me)
Study words: curious, creative, emotion, imply Study words: on purpose, disappointed, weird, kick off, trick Study words: coincidence, deal, savior Study words: take care, worship, bunch, spook




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