Top 20 Anti-Aging Foods That Could Keep You Young and Beautiful

Eat the foods that slow signs of skin aging

Keep your body young with these powerhouse foods chosen by anti-aging experts.

“I have 15 lbs to lose by summer and eating better is top on my list. I really need to make a better effort to get rid of processed food.” Barb F

“I turned 50 this year and it is true how the weight packs on as you get older. I needed this motivation!” Jen

“I am so in – glad I found you while sitting on my bottom looking at pinterest & snacking. I am working on some health issues. Getting healthy is a must!!” Kristin

“I am trying to be healthy on my own, but it it’s HARD! I’ve been trying to eat nutritious foods, but often fail, so I’m trying to be very conscious of what I eat for each meal and when I eat it.” Karen

FLY Planner (Health & Fitness Goals

“I need to lose about 60 lbs and be healthy. I need to get back in shape!” Shelley

“I had no idea that if you cook your carrots whole before slicing them makes them both healthier and tastier! Or that if you mince your garlic and let it sit for 10 minutes before cooking with it you get many more nutrients.
I’m already planning my next trip to the produce section with anticipation and figuring out what new varieties of veggies to try in the garden this year.” Lety

Top 20 Anti-Aging Foods That Can Help You Stay Young and Healthy

“Yesterday at church someone came up to me and asked if I was losing weight. ” Judy

“I had been holding onto a lot of weight from my 3rd baby, and I was ready to get rid of that and get some more energy! I am way more purposeful with my eating habits also! My life has new meaning! I go after each day with gusto now, thank the Lord, and almost every area of my life has improved from my relationship with my kids and hubby, to reading my Bible more, to keeping up with the day to day busy-ness of homeschooling and home making…all of it! Self control in one area almost always branches out into all areas of our life! ” Kristi

“I am the gal who HATES exercise of any kind.
I know it’s good for me etc. but just struggle because I don’t know what I’m doing. But since my third baby, struggling with post partum and just a crazy life I have been so tired, exhausted, run down etc.
I knew I needed something but lacked the motivation. So while 6 days doesn’t seem like much it’s HUGE for me since I’ve been consistent with eating AND the exercise!! For me I knew I needed a really structured plan. I have noticed I can actually function during the day!” Vicki R

“I had a good week, met all my goals. I bought and incorporated into my meal plan for the week two fruits and two vegetables. I have never been much of a vegetable eater, but I’m trying new recipes to try to find something that I like. ” Joye

These anti-aging foods can help keep you healthier and younger for longer

“This week I found a great deal on organic kale and red leaf lettuce for just $.25 each bunch so I stocked up. I was able to meet my goal of 4 serving a day of fruits and vegetables this week. ” Shelly

“I went to Costco this week and got a huge bag of spinach, plus farmers market, to gets lots of veggies for soup. Not only am I adding my veggies, plus my family is getting them too!” Lori

“I keep track ( simply writing if I had one serving of either at every meal or not ). It’s helping me to be more mindful of my food choices! My relationship with food was always so complicated- I’m proud of this progress !” Stevi

“I keep track ( simply writing if I had one serving of either at every meal or not ). It’s helping me to be more mindful of my food choices! My relationship with food was always so complicated – I’m proud of this progress !” Stevi

“My work schedule has made it difficult for me to stick to my meal plans, but I’m confident I can meet this goal next week!” Carlye

“I’m starting to make sure I have a fruit with breakfast, fruit or veggie at lunch and veggies with dinner so that I’m getting them from every meal. I have also switched to 6 small meals to help my stomach (digestive issues).” Renee

“I eat enough cooked veggies, but I really like what eating high raw does for me, so I want that to be my emphasis.” Mandi

By making food choices based upon their nutritional content, we can combat many of the most common causes of aging.


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