What is love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Has it happened to you?

Are you a believer in this kind of love? What is love at first sight? Do you know what that feels like?

Author: Claire Battye

…I saw Him/Her, and I observed Him/Her. I liked the way He/She smiled.
His/Her smile caught you… And then some kind of enigmatic energy approached US and the fire was set!!!
And love at first sight is here!

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You are not attracted for the look but for something beyond it, much beyond. It is the sincerity, the authenticity, the personality, the energy. There are elements in that person that make you want him/her. It is incredible, indescribable…

What is love at first sight
What is Love at First Sight

Yes, personality is more important than looks. But it’s also true that there is always something in a person’s appearance which make feel us drawn to him/her. It could be the eyes, the hands, the way (s)he talks, the way (s)he walks, his/her dressing style etc…

What Is Love at First Sight

These are all externals and are the ones which make us think “I’d like to get to know him/her”.

Of course, they’re all subjective factors. And the expressions “Beautiful-but-stupid” and “Ugly-but-smart” aren’t always true. They’re both prejudices, until we don’t get to know that person.

Only when we’ll hear him/her talking or see him/her in action, we can say something. Then, if we don’t like his/her personality, we move on.
Our eyes collaborate with our brain, which decides “I want to know him/her”. The two organs are connected. Our eyes LIKE someone and send the message to our brain. Then, our brain will do the rest.

…the love that moves the sun and the other stars…

Love is the most powerful force in the world. Love can do anything. “…the love that moves the sun and the other stars…” Dante Alighieri wrote in “La Divina Commedia”.

Sometimes, the impression a person causes on you could be so strong that you immediately fall in love with him/her.
The love is the most complicated and deepest filling. It involves the eyes, the mind and the heart of someone. In the beginning is the look, but later in is the personality that matters.
Love is that sentiment that moves you deeply, that leads you to a person and you do not know why. You send tons of good morning love quotes.
What is love at first sight? It simply happens, you cannot explain or reason. It is a kind of vibration, energy that attracts you to someone and then you find that this someone has things to offer you, and you also have things to offer him. And a bond is established.
This is love at first sight! I think, love at first sight exists but, this love is the stormy love that cannot be resisted or restrained.

The sight is important, it’s the most powerful of the five senses.

At first sight we can understand if a person is interesting for us or no.
Beauty is not enough to create love. The sight is important, it’s the most powerful of the five senses, so we tend to appreciate nice things, but if there’s emptiness of feelings behind a pretty face, beauty is worthless.

Yes, personality plays a great role, but how many of us fell deeply in love with someone they were not attracted to?

What is love at first sight? The first thing that “catches” your attention is outer appearance. This, in Greek language, is called Eros and it’s the first step. Later, when you get to know him/her, his/ her personality can hold you and as time passes eros may be evolved into love. One step at time!

When you’re falling in love, everything your love does and says is interesting and amazing. Every word uttered from his or her mouth, and every move he or she makes, is magical.
Love blinds you to faults and screwups, and even when you do notice them, you’re quick to forgive because your love can do no wrong. As it turns out- love is a drug.
It makes us crazy, but it also makes us happy. Love is exciting; it’s addicting, it’s confusing and it’s weird.

Certainly, girls or boys may be attracted by a pretty face or a worked-out body. But when you start talking to this person you can suddenly realize that there is nothing common between you, or the person turns out to be completely different than he/she seemed. Love is a more complicated feeling. It requires time.

There are many books, movies, plays about love and still there’s so much unspoken…

Love is the biggest mystery in the world.

Who can say something for sure?

Sometimes you look at a person and speak to yourself “Oops!“. Was it appearance or smell, vibes or manner of moving and speaking?! How knows?!

This refers to when you fall in love at the very first sight of someone (even without an exchange of words!). It could be someone that you notice in a store or on the other side of the street, the first day of school or college! It is often believed that those who both declare love at first sight are actually soul-mates and destined to be.

‘Love at first sight’ is not really that you may see someone and feel your heart beating very fast because this person is very handsome/beautiful. It does not necessarily mean you are in love. Love comes gradually and it is through conversation, sharing, understanding, and a growing knowledge of one another that you may feel you want to spend more time with him/her…even all your life:)
When one falls in love with someone, his/ her brain loses its ability to judge him/her correctly and as a result he/she becomes blind to his/ her flaws. Emotions towards someone prevent people from judging her/ him correctly.

What is love at first sight
What is Love At First Sight

Love often strikes when man least expected.

And “love at first sight” is an ideal phenomenon, according to me, it’s a splendid occurrence to the couple when they found the right person meant for them to step in the love zone “to the depth and breadth and height”.

At that moment , you can feel your heartbeat faster than a racing car you just want to have a chat with him/ her. Love looks with the eyes into the heart and mind. Love is a mystery.

I think when we talk about love, you can’t separate mind, eye and heart. So you can’t look only with the mind or only with the eyes or only with the heart, it’s a mix among mind, eyes and heart. I think love looks with the eyes of the heart.
In our modern society, when people first meet, looks are more important. Because we are a very narcissistic culture, we value appearances; however, once we get to know another individual, personality becomes as equal as looks. In addition, love will value the person’s mind as well, and appearance becomes second in importance.

Believing in love at first sight is possible.

Love at first sight doesn’t happen a 100 % so when it happens I think you should listen to your instincts. Even though one must be careful because by only following our emotions we can make a mistake instead of getting to know the person and later making a good decision.
What is love at first sight? I think true love is when you really see the person and you love them with the quirky aspects and flaws, that you truly love someone, that his/her pain is your pains, his/her joy is your joy, his/her happiness is your happiness.

The eye catches but the mind & heart hold. So one might be dazzling when you first come upon them, but, if they are evil or if you have no mutual interests, the attraction ceases to exist.
I think at the beginning love does look with both the mind and eyes but as you get deeper into a relationship, love does look more with the mind rather than the eyes. I don’t think how we look on the outside is as important as how we are on the inside.
Personality, to me, is so much more important to looks. I think it is personality that makes people want to continue the relationship because if someone was good looking but were not so on the inside, eventually I don’t think anyone would want to be with that person.
The deep love cannot be based on the first impressions or the appearance, though. Of course, there are people who fell in love at first sight and they developed a wonderful relationship that lasted and grew really strong.
Deep love takes time and lots of hard work to root in people’s hearts. But, when it does, it never leaves them and of course it is the personality that counts more than anything.
Deep love is long lasting feeling between two people who share their thoughts and dreams, their worries and agonies; two people who accept each other without trying to bring about any changes.

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What is love at first sight?!