The Yanglish Daily Planner

Yanglish Daily Planner – Design a Day That You Want To Have

You have goals, ambitions, dreams, objectives.
You can’t react to how life is going. You need to have a daily action plan, a plan of things you need to do each day.

When was the last time you actually took just a few minutes every day to think about what you wanted to accomplish and further that you took those thoughts and you translated them into a written daily plan of action?

Planning is unbelievably useful – a powerful impact on people’s lives. Design a day that you want to have or a day that would be good for you.

When you end the day you feel that you’ve moved yourself ahead towards your value goals and that you’ve kept chaos under control.

We need tools, we need the ability to write things down in one safe location.

You have to have a daily plan. A daily plan that helps you stay organized and prioritize the things that you have to get done.

So we created a tool – it looks just like this :

It’s called The Yanglish Daily Planner. It’s a way to write down things that need to be done.

Why you’ll love The Yanglish Daily Planner:

  • Light colours.
  • Professional look.
  • Pages are undated.
  • Choose from one of two different sizes. Choose the size that fits your needs.
  • Be inspired. This kit includes 31 motivational quotes.
  • Clean and simple design.

See your day right in front of you!

Download The Yanglish Daily Planner

Instant Download: 3 PDF included. Print your Yanglish Daily Planner at home.

Section “Motivational Quote”. The Yanglish Daily Planner.

A place for daily inspiration. You’ve got an affirmation section at the top.
Daily Planner Motivational Quotes

The Yanglish Daily Planner includes a list of 31 Motivational Quotes to Start Your Day.

A list of 31 Motivational Quotes
31 Motivational Quotes to Start Your Day

Writing those mottivational quotes down every single day and telling yourself positive thoughts help to keep you going and keep you focused on your journey through the day.

Section “To Do”. The Yanglish Daily Planner.

The Yanglish Daily Planner has a section for must do this day: your top things that you have to do today.

To Do List. The Yanglish Daily Planner

Start listing your biggest to-dos of the day.  The Yanglish Daily Planner contains a series of to-do list check boxes, so you can get that satisfying feeling of crossing things off.

Section “SCHEDULE”.

This section is a schedule for the day. Write down here things that you need to remember that have to be done at a certain time.

A schedule for the day. Daily Planner

Section “Call * Email * Message”.

Additional section for calling, emailing and messaging.

Daily Planner: Call. Email. Message

Section “Meal Plan”.

You’ve got the meal planning section. You can write in what your meal plan is.

Section "Meal Plan"

Section “NOTES”.

A “NOTES” section will allow you to store your various scrap notes. Store your creative ideas as they occur to you.

Notes in The Yanglish Daily Planner

This system will help you plan for the day.

Download The Yanglish Daily Planner.

Instant Download: 3 PDF included. Print your Yanglish Daily Planner at home.


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